Author: Anthony Water.

Living Bread
(TLB) is a Christian based daily Devotional for spiritual nourishment and edification.

The need for spiritual growth and empowerment is pertinent, in order to live and manifest the believer's preordained life, one must consciously discover his/her place in the scripture, and as the Bible clearly states in Isaiah 34:16 "Seek ye out of the book of law and read, for none of this will fail, none will want her mate, for my mouth, it hath commanded it and my Sprit hath gathered them".

This simply implies that "Discovery leads to recovery", and " What you can't see, you can't expect", consequently, what you don't expect, you can't experience.

 So, it is of vital importance that believers daily search to know and as well discover the predestined will of God concerning their life, of course, everyone that is born of God has an enviable destiny, but this is Spiritually discerned by the Knowledge of the Word of God, 

"According to as his divine power, hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and Godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us unto glory and virtue" 2Peter 1:3.

 You can see that every child of God has been given all precious things. But, this is only accessible through the knowledge of him (The Word: Jesus) that has actually done this, and by loving, knowing his commandment or word, and obeying them; making it your lifestyle while you are still here on the Earth.

The Living Bread (TLB) will daily teach and expose scripture and related stories of  God's will and plans for believers on the Earth, how we can Love, Obey and Serve God, in truth and in Spirit which is what God; our Father, the Creator of all visible and invisible things Honestly desires of you and I; His Children.

Our earnest prayer is that; the light of the word of God fills your heart, and that the glory of His word be manifest all through your entire life, as you study to know him daily.

God Bless You.💕