The Kingdom Leadership Style : Be Humble, Be Yourself.


The Kingdom Leadership  : Be Humble, Be Yourself.
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Scripture Text: "By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life". - Proverbs 22:4 

The Leader

One who desires to be a leader must not be misguided by the perceived glory, prominence, or benefits of such a position. 

How A True Leader Thinks 

Because a true leader possesses a perversive spirit of humility, he is constantly aware that the opportunity to lead others to a greater future is a corporate effort and not an exercise for personal reasons.

The Fear Of The Lord Is Everything 

Our scripture text tells us that Humility is the Fear of the Lord and it comes with awesome benefits. 

 If you want to be a true leader, you need a mixture of courage and strength, tampered with humility. 

As a leader, you should Lead for impact, Live for the good of others, then be yourself. Humility is the ability to be yourself.  Exactly. The word humble is the ability to be yourself. 

And the word comes from the Latin word humus, which means earth. So humility denotes earthiness or an awareness of one's true essence. 

Knowing Who You Are In Christ 

So being humble, in other words, does not mean degrading or reducing oneself in the estimation of another. 

 But in reality, it is having an awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of one's true worth and value. 

Therefore, you can't decide to be humble because it is not something you decide to be, it is what you are.  However, leaders are individuals who have discovered their true selves and know who they are. 

It Is Putting Others First

Therefore true leaders are naturally humble in the full sense of the word. It is being able to transfer glory, you know? 

 In other words, you are not anxious to receive all the recognition that you can't acknowledge someone else's contribution. 

That is one special quality that every leader should have. Leadership is not about exploitation or manipulation. 

It's about you as a leader, understanding that everyone is involved in the leadership pursuit, in the acquisition, and in the goals that you are pursuing. It's not about you, it's about everybody. 

 Leadership always has such a cost to pay. Because we can not do everything and. 

 some people are subject to you working to ensure the aims are met, 

 they are the ones in the position of leadership who facilitate their duties to help to harness the entire function and to achieve the corporate goal. 

There as a believer in a leadership position you could occasionally encourage them by appreciation and recognition of their tireless efforts and job.

In the Bible, we recall an event where John the Baptist displayed great humility in his declaration about Jesus Christ when he said, "He must increase, but I must decrease." - John 3:30

 It doesn't mean that you allow yourself to be pressured to do something because someone puts you on a guilt trip. The leader is not an actor or a performer but he is conscious that leadership is both private and a public lifestyle. 

It Is A True Living

The leader never uses the position to conceal his defect, but instead, he submits to the service of that position with daily reminders of those defects and the need to strengthen them. 

The Bible in the Book of James says "humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you". James 4:10 

Therefore the proof of your humility is the recognition of others. One very special thing about humble leaders is that they don't put themselves or place themselves so high above others. 

But they esteem others higher than themselves.   "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." - Philippians 2:3-4 

By a way of emphasis,s, it entails you should Consider others better than yourself. And each of us should look not only to our interest but also to the interest of others. 

This is the leadership pattern of Christ, the kingdom ways.

So humility is a  character quality that results from God's love and mercy in our lives. 

When I realize what God has done for me, there is no way. Should think of myself as being higher than you. 

Because what He did for me, he will also do for another person. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful revelation.  In Jesus' name, 


1. Thank you, Lord, for your word of today. 

Worship and glorify for the revelation of your word, you should sing to him.

2. Father, IJN; Endue me with a servant leader attitude and not see myself highly so highly.

3 . Father, IJN, I resist every spirit of pride orchestrated from the evil planet toward running my glorious life. 

4. Father, IJN, Daily fill me with your gentle spirit of love and mercy to live and manifest the life of Jesus. 

Further Reading

Col.13:12, Ephesians 4:2, 2Chron. 7:14 Luke 14:11, Micah 6:8

Commit To Memory

"Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips." Proverbs 27:2 


"Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real."


Always pray for the spirit of humility. Also, ask for the grace to resist pride. Take practical steps to Look out for an occasion that will help you lift others and not yourself.