How A Woman Can Stay Unique In A Relationship ( 4 Striking Tips)

.How A Woman Can Say Unique In A Relationship
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 All of the outstanding marriages and relationships in the present time have something unique in them. 

Because marriages do not emerge unique by chance, the Bible says, “so faith without work is dead also” – James 2:26b.

This is an article to discuss how a woman can stay unique in a relationship with her partner.

Without much ado let us kickstart the topic, to show you some vital tips every God-fearing and loving wife or sister should exhibit to make her relationship a unique and exemplary one;

The majority of people in a relationship believe that relationships are hard to handle. But the reason is it's the people in the relationship that make it hard for themselves when they don't have a common goal for the relationship.

Lots of people think that a relationship works like magic; that is once two people agree to be in a relationship it should automatically start working like a well-oiled machine void of stress. But in a real sense, it doesn't work that way.

To stay unique in a relationship takes effort and it can be healthy and enjoyable if you know what to do. Truly no relationship is a bed of roses like we all fantasize it to be. But we can bring fantasy to real life only if we know how to go about it.

Here are some relationship tips for women, you can practice making your dreams come to real life.

1. Knowledge Of The Originator Of Relationships.

 You cannot operate a gadget without going through the manual. The same thing happens in a relationship. You cannot claim you are in a relationship when you know nothing about the one who brought the relationship into existence. What I mean here is the founder, the one who designed marriage to be.

That person is God. The success of a relationship is 50%. When you acknowledge the one (God) that brought the relationship into your life, you can make that happen by acknowledging him as your personal Lord and savior.

Genesis 1:27 say, so God created man in his image. “In the image of God created he male and female, created he them”. And a relationship needs a mature male (man) and a mature female(woman) to be called a marital relationship or marriage.

This is the more reason why you should run to Him in these three ABC steps. We will talk about the various levels of maturity in one of our subsequent posts on relationships.

This is how you should apply the ABC steps.

·     A; accept you are a sinner.

·   B; believe that he can make you pure within and without

·    C; confess your sins to him and promise never to go back to them again.

Having taken these three steps by faith, you've acknowledged God as your personal lord and savior. Then he can help you to fulfill the remaining steps.

2. Own Up Your Life.

 You may be over each other, but don't let it stop your life from moving on. Don't give up your dreams for him. But knowing him should be one of the reasons your dreams come true.

Those careers and skills you've acquired, don't throw them in the trash because you met him. Be yourself, touch lives, discover yourself, and impact the world around you, and into your generation.

Do the things you love doing that make you happy. You are unique and designed to bring uniqueness into your relationship too.

Your uniqueness is part of your beauty as a woman. Don't lose your unique self because you met a man. Don't dispose of that manuscript trying to force or copy someone else's relationship strategy just in the name of you met a man.

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3. Don't Be A Demanding Woman.

·  Don't always be at the neck of your spouse demanding this or that from him. It's suffocating for men. You have been meeting your needs before you met him. Don't seize that opportunity of having him in your life and turn him into your ATM.

That’s an awful attitude to portray as a believer. This behavior won’t make your relationship healthy or unique in any way. That’s why you are a child of God; the originator of marriage. Let him guide and lead you, learn his ways. The Bible says, “As many that are led by the spirit of God, are the sons of God” – Rom. 8:14

 Such behavior pushes him away from you. No man wants a liability for a spouse. 

Allow the giving to flow genuinely from his heart. And if feel You cannot stay without always demanding. Why not get a job?

4. Be Mutual With Him.

The feeling for each other should be the same.

·   Your attitude and feeling for each other should be accepting, agreement, and one, you two have to agree on anything if it has to be, that means there is unity of belief and understanding between you. The Bible says, “can two walk together except they be agreed” – Amos 3:3

 A relationship won't survive without a ceiling, or when the ceiling is one-sided. As a woman make your relationship with your partner a unique one. Unique because God is in control, and also among others it proves outstanding.

You, therefore, shouldn’t have a contrary opinion or argue with him, strive to always find a meeting point with each other, relationships aren’t easy especially since you two come from a different setting.

But remember you are the weaker vessel. One of the greatest kingdom strategies is prayer. Instead of arguing with your partner, go to the originator and present your petition to him.

The heart of every king is in the Lord’s and whichever way he wills he turns it. Recall the account of Esther in the Bible. The scripture is for our learning. it endues us with the creative mind of Christ to help us find solutions in troubled moments of life.


This is an article on how a woman trusting in the lord’s inspiration and leading makes her marriage a unique and outstanding one. These tips will also serve those who are believing God to settle down maritally.

The reason is simple; any attitude you cannot forfeit as a single will go into marriage with you. Also, remember that marriage is a lifelong adventure, so what you learn and know before marriage will help you to build a unique, healthy, and lifelong relationship.

This mindset can be trans-generational because your parenting style will impact it on your children, and also the children will observe and learn how the two of you relate in love.

The summary is; that God originated it, so he has the unique prescription to help you keep it. Many marriages have failed, and a lot are on the verge of failure because God was not involved, or carnality took the place of God, in the first place. Remember, “For to be carnally minded is death: to be spiritually minded is life and peace” – Rom. 8:6. That explains it all.

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FATHER, IJN: Thank you for the revelation of your word. Worship And glorify him.

FATHER, IJN: I ask for wisdom that is from above in my marriage, and relationships.

FATHER, IJN: I resist the spirit of pride, and self-knowledge in our dealings with each other in our marriage.

FATHER, IJN: Holy Spirit leads me and my spouse at all times, teach, and guide us on the way to go.


“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”. - Proverbs 18:22


Prov. 21:9, 1Pet.3:5-6, 2Cor.6:14, 1Cor.13:4-7


“A good woman is one who loves passionately, has guts, seriousness and passionate convictions, takes responsibility, and shapes society.” – Betty Friedan


God is the originator ensure always following His prompting. Allow the word to have its course in your marriage by continually searching out the mind of God in the scripture, this cannot fail. (see Isaiah 34: 16)