10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Christian!

Why You Should Marry A Christian!
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 There are reasons why you should marry a Christian, and not outside of the faith.

These are not just religious reasons but also social, emotional, and biological

 I will explain below why you should marry a Christian

1. He/she Is Your Only One And God Intends For You To Be Married

God intended that you be married to one man only. So there is no harm in waiting for that man

 God does wants you to have a husband of your own, He also planned for Adam and Eve to marry.

But it wasn't until sin entered the world that there was no marriage.

The Bible says in Genesis 2:18 that God did not make a woman to be united with just one man, but to be married to him in a life-long covenant

Also,  In Genesis, God's plan for the marital relationship is clear

 "I will establish My covenant with you that you shall not be asunder, neither shall your descendants be asunder, but you shall be as the sign of the covenant between Me and you. And it shall be that, if you make a covenant with Me, then you shall be as-signed to Me throughout your generations as a covenant, as an everlasting covenant"- Genesis 2:23.

This is the plan that God has for all of us. For as much as we are like Adam and Eve, we are to have our first marriage to Christ

2. You Are Guaranteed To Love The One You Marry For Eternity

The Bible says that we will know the face of our husband or wife by the time they die.

You need to remember that the only time you are guaranteed to not love each other is in the time that you are together before our time in heaven.

The promise of "forever" is an actual promise. God guarantees to us that we will always love one another

 It is this idea that changes our hearts and our mind to be the man and woman of God.

You can also look at the love that Christ has for the church. He has an unending love for you and for all those that follow Him.

 It is the same type of eternal love that is promised to you and to your spouse.

3. God Will Take Care Of Your Marriage

Marriage is hard work. There are days when God is going to have to strengthen your love for one another, but God is also going to strengthen your love for your spouse.

And when you get to heaven, you are going to see your spouse again.

Your spouse won't get old and die. There are no bodies that die in Heaven. There are going to be no sickness or disease.

Heaven is a place where sickness, disease, and death are not. The only thing that you will not see in Heaven is time.

You won't go to Heaven and say that the day went by too fast and there is so much more that I can do in my life

 In Heaven, you will see every moment of your life as if it was just a moment that has gone by.

You will look back and think of the moments you spent with your spouse

 God is going to strengthen your love for your spouse while strengthening your relationship with Christ

4. Jesus Will Be Your Groom And You Will Be His Bride

At the end of your life, you will be reunited with your spouse.

Your spouse will be your husband or wife who has been waiting for you and will still be waiting for you.

When you pass away, you will spend eternity with God and your spouse

 As God said to Moses in the Old Testament, "Hear O Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord is one".

It is the same today that God has made you His bride and Christ is the bridegroom

 Christ is going to prepare a place for you in Heaven. That place is for you and your spouse to spend forever with Christ.

 That place is called Heaven and no one else but Christ and you can go to that place.

 The Bible says, that if you are saved, you will be a "bride of Christ".- Ephesians 5:24-23

5. God Will  Walk You Through Your Whole Marriage As You Relate With Him.

God is a God of perfect relationship and His love for His people can be seen in how He intends to walk you through your whole life. 

Christ doesn't just want you to be saved, He wants you to live a life of following Christ.

 Christ will guide you through this life, to help you live your marriage to the best of your ability. 

He is going to help you be the best wife, and the best husband. 

As you live the Christian life, Christ is going to lead you through life, helping you in your marriage. 

This means that your spouse is going to be your bride and Christ is going to walk you through the whole life together, guiding you, through all your problems and through all of life's moments together. 

He will provide the strength for you to love one another no matter what happens.

6. You Will Both Be In Heaven Together At The End of Your Life.

At the end of your life, you and your spouse will be reunited. At that moment, you will know that God has been preparing for you to be together in Heaven for a long time. 

You will be together with the person that you have spent the most of your life with. 

You will know that God was working hard to ensure that your marriage would be successful.

 At the same time, your spouse will be looking at you in Heaven with a tearful smile. 

Your spouse will remember you as the most amazing woman that they have ever known. 

And you will be so happy to see them because in heaven, your life is just going to be one day after another. 

You will remember the moments you spent with your spouse, because that was the most special time of your life. 

You and your spouse will spend eternity together, being God's bride and groom.

7. Your Children Will Find It Difficult Without A Good Christian Foundation.

So many children are raised in a way that they don't understand God. Many young adults today try to live lives that have nothing to do with God. 

Many don't even know that God exists. But there is no greater calling than to be a teacher and a leader in the church.

 People in the church can provide a wonderful example to young adults. 

The most valuable people to teach others are those who have received God's grace. 

They know the Father, they know the Son, and they know the Holy Spirit. These people will be able to teach young adults in an encouraging way.

 Our children need to learn to know and love God, and they need to know about the Christian faith and have a good education in God's Word. 

Many teachers are believers who help lead students through the faith.

8. Many Women Are Ignorant Of The Marriage Calling.

A lot of  women struggle with the idea of being a wife, and as a result good number of them don't have a good view of what it means to be married. 

When women are not taught that they are called to be married, there is a chance that they will find it hard to find a spouse. 

As a result, many women may end up  not finding a spouse and have to live a life of loneliness. 

That isn't the life God intends for women. God created us to be the wife of a man and to be a mother.

 He wants you to be a good wife and a good mother.

 He purpose that you should be a  kind wife and mother  so that when your husband and children needs help, they  will turn to you.

 When you have a family, you become like the God who made our family. 

As a result, you become like Christ. Our sons and our daughters need to see a good woman and a good mother. 

They need to see women who know their calling in life.

 They need to see women who are willing to lead the family.

9. It Takes Love And Understanding To Have A Good Marriage.

 it is hard to have a good marriage. Marriage is the fundamental building block   of any strong family.

 Without marriage, children are left to grow up in a culture that has so much divorce that young people don't understand what it is to commit to a lifelong relationship.

 If your marriage isn't a loving, caring relationship, then it can't be a good marriage. 

As a result, you can't have a good union.

 A Christian marriage will be a safe place to learn how to love your spouse.

 When you find a loving and caring Christian man or woman, they will be a good place for you to learn how to love and care for your husband or wife, even to show love to others. 

They will help you to love and care for your spouse, and others the way that God intended it.

10. Marriage Is A Way To Help Bring Other People Closer To God.

So many people have gone through tough times. They have either lost a spouse or they are going through a divorce. 

There have been times when you have felt alone and you feel like no one understands what you are going  through.

 The Bible says that the love that is meant for husband and wife is also meant to be used as a way to bring other people closer to God.

 When you find a Christian man or woman that you are able to help bring other people closer to God, you will know that God has changed your life.

 God is going to use that man or woman as a way to bring other people closer to Him.

This is why it is a good idea to get married. Your husband or wife can be your best friend.

 You can do things that you have never done before. As a result, marriage can change your life.

Marriage is not a piece of paper that you get to walk down the aisle to get married

God is a God who loves the world. He loves you and He wants you to be his bride.

 When you find a Christian man or woman that is going to help you live a life where you will grow closer to Him, 

He is going to use your marriage to bring other people closer to God. And you will be able to help bring other people closer to know Him.