What Is The Cost For Rebellion?

SCRIPTURE TEXT:  “Now a trouble maker named Sheba son of Bikri, a Benjamite, happened to be there. He sounded the trumpet and shouted, “we have no share in David, no part in Jesse’s son! Every man to his tent, Israel!” 2 Samuel 20:1- NIV

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Hi, good day and welcome to another day with the Lord. David, the king of Israel had been through a very threatening time in this period of his reign, running from his blood; Absalom, who desperately desired to become the king of Israel in the shortest moment.

This desperation led to his decision to slay the king and his father, there was an insurgency in the entire Israel, and the king fled from the land to escape death. 

Unfortunately, Absalom couldn’t succeed as king, his rebellious craving led to his demise, and Absalom got killed in the struggle. 

The scripture in Proverb 16:25 says, “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death”

The way of the rebellious is the way of death, another portion of the scripture says, “To this John replied, A person can receive only what is given them from heaven” - John 3:27 NIV,  

You can only possess or receive what the Lord has purposed you will get, no man prevails in this life by the strength of the arm, David was chosen by God and anointed King of Israel according to God’s will.

Absalom chose himself and arranged for his anointing. The King of Israel is the Lord’s anointed one, you don’t curse or touch the anointed one! Psalm 105:15, “Saying touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”

King David, was to return to Israel after the traumatic situations of the Land, while still mourning for Absalom, his son, on his way to Israel a man named Sheba, our scripture text referred to him as a ‘troublemaker’, another rebel,

“Now a trouble maker named Sheba of Bikri, a Benjamite happened to be there. He sounded the trumpet and shouted, “we have no share In David, no part in Jesse’s son! Every man to his tent, Israel” 2 Samuel 20:1 -NIV.

I can imagine that the mourning mood was still very fresh in the heart of David of Absalom’s death, at this point, when  Sheba, the trouble maker still withstood him with profanities and impudence.

Sheba was simply making a mockery of David and asking him to leave the Land, also encouraging the entire people to refute his returning to Israel as King; 

This meant; that David is no longer king of the land; we don’t want his further kingship, the trumpet was to sound this announcement to the whole land, just as Absalom got the allegiance of the majority of the people.

 But this majority does not represent God’s answer or connote His, yes, one alone could be the will of God as we saw with  Absalom against his father. David prevailed against Absalom.

God installed David as the King of Israel; Man can’t eject him. Let me show you something in the Scriptures,

 In Psalm 89:20 NIV, “I have found David my servant with my sacred oil have I anointed him. My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him. The enemy will not get the better of him; the wicked will not oppress him. I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries”. 

David is not just a king, he chooses to serve God even as a king, and that means he is the redeemed (true born-again believer) of the Lord, he is born of God, and whosoever is born of God overcomes the world.

God said he will sustain him and strengthen him, and the enemy will not get over him, in other words, have an advantage over his servants, the more significant part of the scripture is; that I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries.

 But the good news is that this is not only about King David, it is also about those who have chosen to serve God.  From this point I believe you could predict the end of the ‘trouble maker’, Sheb.? 

Let us see how it went, the cost of rebellion doesn’t come well. This reminds me of Lucifer and the fallen angels, pride at first and then rebellion filed in, today he is Satanic and the Devi and awaits eternal judgment in hell.

Hear the King's word about Sheba, 2 Samuel 20:6, ‘David said to Abishai, “Now Sheba son of Bikri will do us more harm than Absalom did. Take your masters men and pursue him, or he will find fortified cities and escape from us” 

The end of the rebellious is shame and destruction, the troublemaker is in for a show, and  the chase wasn’t going to be easy on him, 2 Samuel 20:14-22 says,

“Sheba passed through all the tribes of Israel to Abel Beth Makaah and through the entire region of the Bikrites, who gathered together and followed him. All the troops with Joab came and besieged Sheba in Abel Beth Makaah, they built a siege ramp up to the city, and it stood against the outer fortifications. While they were battering the wall to bring it down” 

Every enemy of the king automatically becomes an enemy to God, according to the word of promise, “I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries”. 

Sheba is to be crushed, but while Joab and his men were still battering the wall to wreck it down a wise woman called out on Joab to ask what they needed from the city because Abel Beth Makaah is known for peace and not troubling, Joab said,

 “a man named Sheba of Bikri has lifted up his hand against the king, against David, and that he should be handed over to them”. 

The woman said to Joab, “His head will be thrown to you from the wall” 

And the woman in her wisdom went and consulted the people of the city with her advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bikri, and threw it to Joab. The ways of the rebellious end in death!

Now, every redeemed of the Lord is God’s servant, like David, anointed and also ordained King, Psalm 105:14-15, “He allowed no one to oppress them; for their sake, he rebuked kings: “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm” 

Again the Bible in Revelation 5:10 says, “ I have made you unto your God kings and priest, you shall reign on the earth” KJV  Only Kings reign, and in Christ Jesus, you have been ordained a reigning king.

You need an understanding of who you are to be able to overcome the rebellious; those adversaries and the wicked that don’t want to see your glorious placement, 

Anyone that rises against you is an enemy to your maker and would be crushed, the promise was to Abraham and His seed, “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” Gal. 3:29 NIV

you are the heir of this promise. Anyone who rebels against God’s will concerning you, rebels against an ordained king, by covenant such a one will be crushed.

You as the redeemed should not be rebellious, by disobeying the commandment of the Father.

 He that has the commandment and obeys it, proves to Love the son, and the Father would love him, the son also would love him, and show himself to him (see John 14:21). My prayer for you is to receive the eternal grace of God for consistent and committed obedience to your Father’s will.


 Father, IJN: Endure me the grace for the attitude of servanthood to you at all times.

Father, IJN: Let the Spirit of the fear of the Lord come upon me for total reverence and  obedience to the LORD

3.  Father, IJN: I ask for the Spirit of love that indwells Jesus the Son, to inhabit me in all my doings and worship.

4.  Father, IJN: By the power of the blood of Jesus I come against every form of demonic and rebellious craving and attitude in my life.     


“Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding”-Proverb 4:1 


Proverb 18:21, Prov. 4:1-27, Psalm 90:12,1 Cor. 16:9


“For rebellion is as the sin of divination”-1 Samuel 15:23a


You were created to show forth the praise of God, and the single way to do this is by Obedience to His commandments; because disobedience is similar to rebellion.